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How to make a Special La Jacoba coffee

Use fresh beans; choose quality over quantity. Grind your beans for a few days and keep in an airtight container. Purchase your fresh coffee frequently.


Use 11 grams of coffee for each 200 ml cup of water. A cup of coffee is 98% water, so use fresh, pure water between 88 and 93 degrees Celsius.


Each method of preparation has a proper grind:


Fine for espresso

Medium for filters

Coarse for plungers



A Taste of La Jacoba coffee

In a good coffee cup you can perceive the attributes of the beverage.


When drinking La Jacoba coffee, you find...



Olfactory perception in dry form reveals the freshness of the coffee.

It evokes a pleasant and refreshing scent.


Olfactory perception when applying water at 93 degrees Celsius, reveals

notes of honey, caramel, chocolate, red fruits and citrus such as orange or lemon.


Attribute to help determine the smoothness of the drink. It sits on the side of the tongue, evoking citrus.


Basic olfactory and taste impressions (sweet, salty, sour and bitter) and the interaction between them.


The coffee that you have in your hands combines acidity, sweetness and smoothness like no other.


La Jacoba coffee stimulates your senses and comforts your soul.






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La Jacoba Fairtrade certified coffee, grown, processed, packed, exported and distributed by Asprounion


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