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About Us

ASPROUNION is a cooperative of farmers and coffee producers based out of the town of La Union in southern Colombia. Coffee is grown on the slopes of Mount La Jacoba in the fertile volcanic soil.  Established in 2001, ASPROUNION has since worked on improving the quality of life of the 273 associated families. The farmers are mainly small-scaled coffee producers located in the locality of La Union, of the Narino Department in southern Colombia. With the support of government and industry partners and the commitment of the families, ASPROUNION seeks real solutions to the problems of poverty, economic insecurity and drug cash-crops, by producing coffee and value-adding via processing and marketing done within the organisation.


The coffee produced by ASPROUNION farmers is considered by national and international experts (including the SCAA: Speciality Coffee Association of America) to be high quality specialty coffee. The particular climatic and geographic conditions of La Union locality, along with the traditional practices at cultivation, harvesting and post-harvesting stages, combine to produce a unique coffee with exceptional physical and sensory characteristics.


For ASPROUNION and its members, it is vital to participate efficiently in all value-adding processes, and thus provide better returns for the producers, to guarantee economic, social and sound environmental development for the whole community.


Thanks to the vision and community involvement of ASPROUNION partner families, they have managed to develop value-adding to their own product. They now have management, processing, and sales in the hands of partners and their family members, who demonstrate a professional commitment to offer freshly roasted high quality coffee, under strict rules of best practice in both agriculture (BPA) and manufacturing (BPM), while ensuring the traceability of the product.

The Beans

"La Jacoba" coffee from Union, in Narino state, comes from the volcanic mountain soils of the Colombian Macizo range, and is cultivated with great care by small-scale farmers and their families. The farmers use a traditional artisan practice of chemical-free plant growth, under the shade of native tropical canopy. Following the natural rhythms of the various plants, mature berries are hand-picked all year-round, soaked with mountain-sourced water to remove skins, and the beans are sun-dried. The high quality of the Special Reserve coffee is ensured, from the choice of the best red berries, to the quality control of the final product. This careful production process ensures a low environmental impact and a reliable sustainable supply, in harmony with nature.


The coffee that you have in your hands combines acidity, sweetness and smoothness like no other. La Jacoba coffee stimulates your senses and comforts your soul.

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